Our Quality

Wunder-Mold’s manufacturing process employs thorough, multistep quality control procedures to assure that our customers receive quality parts on time, every time. We are an industry leader in design assistance, development, manufacturing processes, quality control, and delivery performance.

Our Technology

We specialize in the co-development and final production of customized ceramic Alumina, Zirconia, and thermoplastic parts. From prototyping to production, we employ precise injection molding and secondary finishing techniques to produce precision finished parts that satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.

Why we are a market leader in technical ceramics
& plastic parts manufacturing


Industry experts with a proven track record

As a pioneer of ceramic injection molding, Wunder-Mold is strategically positioned to assist with part design and manufacturing of Alumina and Zirconia parts.


Quality products and customer service are our priority

Our flexibility from part design inception to production translates to fine quality parts and on-time performance.


Technical advice and assistance from start to finish

We offer assistance during the design phase that helps assure the production of a successful and cost-effective part.

Advanced ceramic injection molding

Wunder-Mold specializes in molding several grades of alumina and zirconia ceramic materials. Our processes are designed to deliver cost-effective custom parts, in quantity, consistently and on time.

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Cost-effective plastic injection mold manufacturing

Our team also manages plastic molding with precision and expertise. If you want to reduce the costs of your existing component, our plastic molding offers you invaluable benefits: exceptional quality control and convenient on-time shipping.

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Versatile ceramic and plastic molding company

Whether your requirements are for tiny plastic or ceramic parts with complex shapes or larger size parts, Wunder-Mold is uniquely positioned to put many years of experience and expertise at your disposal and has produced and or has capability and capacity to produce ceramic or plastic parts for industries such as:

Custom injection molding used in solar industry
Solar Energy
Custom injection molding used in aerospace industry
Custom injection molding used in automotive industry
Custom injection molding used in electronics industry
Custom injection molding used in oil and gas industry
Oil and Gas
Custom injection molding used in healthcare industry
Custom injection molding used in food and beverage industry
Food Service

Excellence-driven and expertise-based services

Advanced, precision ceramic & plastic molding capabilities enable us to deliver precision made and cost effective parts.

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Custom Molded Parts

Custom plastic parts - injection molded to specifications
Wunder-mold custom plastic parts
Injection mold ceramic
Plastic injection molding for various industries and purposes
Wunder-mold custom plastic injection molding
Injection molded ceramics - custom parts
Ceramic injection molding to exact specifications
Injection mold ceramics parts

High quality injection molded ceramics

Wunder-Mold specializes in producing new ceramic parts and assemblies through the complex process of injection molding. Molded ceramic components we deliver to our clients meet the required industry criteria. High quality ceramics include:

  • Ceramic components that can be applied to specific industries
  • Heat and chemical-resistant properties that include a high level of durability
  • Ceramic components with exceptional insulating properties
  • Unrivaled rigidity, hardness, and toughness levels with tear and bending resistance
  • Low part cost

Custom designed and manufactured parts

Our goal is to provide our clients with custom ceramic parts specifically designed to their exact specifications. Drawing on our experience, knowledge, and proven methods, we are well positioned to deliver complex molded components made of alumina and zirconia ceramic materials.

We manufacture a diverse set of ceramic parts. Some examples include:

  • Wear-resistant pressure compensation regulators for food service
  • Electrical insulators
  • Medical implant tools
  • Water filter collection implements
  • Electronic wire terminals

Our quality control is your assurance of excellence

Whether we mold your custom part from almost any plastic, ceramic or zirconia, you can rest assured that quality is of utmost importance at Wunder-Mold. We are ISO 9001 certified and we employ ongoing quality control and assurance testing as further proof of the commitment we make to you.

Our injection molding experts are experienced and knowledgeable

Wunder-Mold has the experience and knowledge necessary to take your project from start to finish. We understand mold and complex part designs, how to obtain a successful part, and how to do so in the most cost-effective manner. Limiting waste, increasing yield and decreasing mold time are some of the mold design and production techniques that we employ.

We put our customers first – always

When you choose Wunder-Mold, you receive the experience and know-how you will need to complete your project, but you will also receive one-on-one attention from a committed group of people who are in tune with your goals and expectations. Regardless of your industry our ceramic mold manufacturing process offer attention, transparency and capabilities beyond normal expectations. Your parts will be made to specification and delivered on time at a competitive price.

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