Wunder-Mold has the expertise to help you take your custom ceramic or plastic part requirement from concept to production.  The company concentrates on providing customers mold design assistance, production molded custom parts in small to large quantities, and consistent quality.

We are happy to address your project at any time.


Whether you already have the injection mold or require one fabricated to your design and specifications, Wunder-Mold has over 25 years of mold design support experience ready to assist in reaching your ultimate part goals, and can create molds from approved drawings or simply collaborate on design attributes necessary for successful injection molding of ceramic or plastic parts.

Our design assistance capabilities include;

  • Ensuring that proposed molding is the right application for the part
  • Part and mold drawings review and recommendations
  • Mold design
  • Determine costs to produce mold(s)
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling


When necessary, Wunder-Mold provides prototype collaboration.  If your part design requires prototyping, we can help with relatively low-cost, low volume molds for ceramic or plastic parts that allow for testing and evaluation.

Custom Ceramic Molding

Whether your project is small or large, Wunder-Mold has sufficient production capacity to dedicate to your injection molding project. We specialize in molding several grades of alumina and zirconia ceramic materials. Our processes are designed to deliver cost-effective custom parts in quantity, consistently, and on time.

Custom Plastic Molding

Wunder-Mold is capable of injection molding a wide variety of sizes and shapes in a near endless variety of plastic and rubber types and colors with precision and expertise. If you want to reduce the expense of your existing plastic part, or have plans for a new custom plastic part, our plastic molding capabilities provide competitive prices, exceptional quality control,  and convenient on-time shipping.

Machining and Finishing

Some parts are completed once molded.  Other parts require additional secondary machining operations. Wunder-Mold offers additional part processing with machining and finishing capabilities such as:

  • Bore finishing (as seen above)
  • Grinding
  • Precision Drilling
  • Vertical milling
  • Horizontal milling

Wunder-Mold is well equipped and staffed to mold, finish and ship finished parts, in quantity, to your precise specifications.

Quality Control

All parts manufactured by Wunder-Mold must pass numerous quality control processes.  Ceramic parts are checked with dye penetrant and black light (shown here) prior to shipping.  Wunder-Mold has been ISO 9001 certified for over seventeen years.