Plastic injection molding is a competitive market, which leaves businesses in need of plastic components with a number of options. However, when choosing a provider of injection molding services to be your partner in optimizing your part, supply, and costs, you need to take several considerations into account.

Although useful and informative, researching plastic injection molding companies near your area is no longer enough. You need to know exactly what to look for in a manufacturer to avoid common problems, including late deliveries, poor quality, capacity constraints, etc.

How to choose the best plastic injection molding company?

injection molded plastic pieces

Manufacturing plastic parts and components through injection molding is a cost-efficient solution that can help businesses optimize their existing components and enhance their operations. However, for businesses from different industries to benefit from plastic molding, they first need to find a trusted partner that can meet their needs. 

Therefore, if you’re considering introducing plastic injection molds to your business or changing your current provider, you need to consider these five most important criteria.

  1. Reliable production

    Your manufacturer should be able to meet high industry production standards and deliver your product on time. They should employ a multistep process of project design and development and provide you with tangible proof that their manufacturing process can meet your needs.
    Additionally, their production process should be able to provide a consistent level of product quality every time. You should consider asking a potential plastic molder whether they are ISO-certified, as this is independent verification that they meet required industry quality standards.

  2. Timely project completion

    You need to find a company that can meet your demand for plastic mold components and deliver them within the agreed timeframe. The provider should maintain open communication with you, their client, and discuss your needs every step of the way. They should also be able to obtain the materials they need for the molding process and avoid delays.
    Therefore, it’s crucial that your preferred provider has an efficient way of handling clients’ projects and managing their team. This will ensure on-time delivery and provide you with a great level of reliability.

  3. Engineering-based expertise

    Finding a partner that has an in-house team of experienced mold engineers is essential because they will be able to optimize your plastic components and produce them to your exact specifications. A provider with engineering capabilities will be able to produce plastic parts that can function in a specific application without any problems.
    Furthermore, experienced technicians can also help determine the specificities of your project and manage it from initial development to completion.

  4. Overall injection molding provider dependability

    Before hiring a professional manufacturer of injection-molded plastic parts, you should discuss some additional considerations. For instance, you should ask them about their experience in the field of injection molding and whether they can provide you with some client recommendations. Discussing their manufacturing capacity, ISO metrics, and delivery practices is also essential for determining whether they can fulfill your requirements.

  5. Science-backed, advanced practices

    Experts also stay informed of the most recent advancements in plastic injection molding and implement proven design and production practices. Your potential provider of these services should use science-backed techniques and tools that will provide long-term value and minimize possible failures or unnecessary costs.
    Such a scientific, dependable approach is necessary for not only producing high-quality plastic components, but also being able to repeat the process with a minimal level of deviation and maximum level of product consistency.

  6. What are the best plastic injection molding companies near me


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plastic injection molding?

This method is used for manufacturing a wide range of plastic parts, components, and other products by heating the plastic until liquid and then placing it into a mold before cooling and solidifying it.

This type of manufacturing process is suitable for mass producing different items in large volumes, no matter their complexity or shape. What’s more, this method is very cost-effective, making it the solution of choice across many different industries.

What are the steps of plastic injection molding?

This process consists of several steps. Once the plastic material reaches a high enough temperature and consistency, the manufacturing procedure can begin. The steps are as follows: 

  • Clamping
  • Injection
  • Dwelling
  • Cooling
  • Opening of the mold
  • Product removal

What type of resin is used in injection molding?

There’s a wide range of materials to choose from for plastic injection molding, including: 

  • Polyacetal
  • Acrylics
  • Rubber
  • Nylons
  • Polyolefins
  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate

Also, there are different combinations of these and other materials, as well as additives molders use to enhance certain properties of resins. To adequately choose the material, or resin, to use for your part, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: 

  • Hardness 
  • Flexibility
  • Weight 
  • Associated costs for using a particular material material
  • Aesthetics of the resin you want to use
  • Thermal properties, such as temperature resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Viscosity
  • Melt profile and temperature

At what temperature is plastic moldable?

Generally, plastic melts and becomes moldable at temperatures between 300 and 800℉. However, the exact temperature at which a resin becomes moldable depends on the type of resin and its thermal properties.

What are the best plastic injection molding companies near me?

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in plastic injection molding and that can meet your needs on a long-term basis, Wunder-Mold is your trusted choice. Our team of  engineers, and technicians is highly skilled at producing custom components to precise client specifications. Our molded parts can offer a high level of durability and resistance to wear in a variety of applications.

For any additional questions or information, contact our support team at (707) 448-2349 or We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, provide you with a short historical overview of injection molding, and explain how the processes at Wunder-Mold can benefit your firm.