Choosing plastic injection molding for the parts and components you require is a good choice. Custom plastic injection molds allow for specific designs, making it a suitable option for many different industries and requirements. Let’s take a look at what the biggest reasons for choosing plastic injection molding are, and what benefits you can reap from it. 

Why should I choose plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection molding is a versatile manufacturing method that provides a consistent and repeatable way to produce high-quality plastic components. While customizability of each part is one of main reasons why clients choose plastic injection molding, there are also other aspects that make injection molding a good option.

Detailed features

Custom plastic injection molding allows for precise design of detailed features into the molds used for the production of components. Also, the liquid plastic used for producing injection molding components completely fills all the parts of the mold, fully realizing the complex design of the part. 

Intricate shapes

Injection molding enables designers and engineers to bring about extremely intricate shapes into life. Another advantage of injection molding is that it enables the production of intricate components holistically through a single process, rather than spending additional assembly and design time on separate manufacturing of conjoining parts. 

Efficient production

Plastic injection molding is a very efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process due to several reasons:

  • Molds last for a long time before experiencing deformation and wear
  • Molds can be reworked to make alterations to the existing part structure
  • Injection molding generates little waste
  • Defective parts can be melted and used as new material for molding
  • Injection molding is a fast process limited only by the duration of solidification


There are many materials available for plastic injection molding, and all of them feature different properties and textures making them suitable for different uses. What’s more, many materials are specifically created to serve a specific purpose, making plastic molding extremely suitable for innovative parts and components. 


Some parts of injection molding allow for automation, making it an even more energy-efficient process. Automation allows for reduced manufacturing variability and improved production time, which ensures parts are made in a consistent and efficient manner. 


Injection molding ensures a very high degree of consistency for each product manufactured, allowing for a much smaller rate of defective and rejected parts. This not only boosts the production of adequate components, but also lowers the costs associated with wasting manufacturing material. 


Finally, even when the finished product is presented to the client, it can further be modified in order to match the changed needs of the client. Modifications can be cosmetic or functional, and they can range from adding pieces to the existing product to changing the color or the product. `

Which company manufactures high-quality custom plastic injection molds?

Custom plastic injection molding is a process that relies on the experience and the expertise of the professionals in charge of designing the part and the mold. Among the many different materials used in the process of plastic injection molding, they need to choose the most suitable plastic resin for your desired part in order to meet the necessary requirements. Also, they should know how to adequately design the automated portions of the injection molding process and oversee it properly to ensure good results. 

That is why you should only partner with Wunder Mold. We are plastic injection molding specialists that have been in the industry for more than 25 years. Our team has the capacity to design molds and parts per your specific instructions and to manufacture them through a custom molding process. We will take the time to ensure every component meets your needs perfectly. Send us an email at or contact us by calling (707) 448-2349. Tell us what you need and we’ll handle everything else.