In order to understand just how much work a custom injection molding company puts into manufacturing your product, you need to be familiar with the most important components of custom injection molding.

There are many aspects that influence the quality of the custom product you receive, such as resins used in the plastic injection molding process. Only companies with the experience, knowledge and attention to numerous details are able to create an end product that will help your company reap maximum benefits from custom injection molding.

That is why, before looking for custom injection molding companies to design custom parts for your business, you should be informed about what makes the custom injection molding process a success. 

What are the key components of custom injection molding?

key components of custom injectionEvery manufacturing process involves several key elements that can make the process either a success or failure. You should only consider hiring the services of a custom injection molding company that puts great emphasis on all the important steps of the manufacturing process. 

When it comes to injection molding, there are several key components that are vital to a successful and cost effective final part; 

  1. Design
  2. Materials
  3. Personnel
  4. Manufacturability expertise
  5. Process flexibility
  6. Machines
  7. Quality control

It is through the combination of these seven components of custom-mold manufacturing that you receive a quality product. 


All manufacturing operations, custom injection molding included, begin on the design board. Design process is the first step towards a successful customized product that will be perfectly suited for your needs. 

The design process is the perfect time to state just what you want from your end product. It is best to communicate your desires clearly and in as much detail as possible. Only then can expert designers reach a solution that will satisfy the requirements. 


Choosing the right materials for your desired products is the second step in the process, but one that is equally as important. When it is time to consider materials for your product, there are two material choices that stand out as the best. The choice of materials depends on the product itself:

  • Ceramic 
  • Plastic

In consultation with the experts from the custom injection molding company, you will choose the material for your product. The choice will depend on the intended use and operation demands. Both ceramic and plastic have their merits, but in different fields of use.

The quality of the resins used in the molding process is  very important. Find a custom injection molding company that uses only the best resins. This is the only way to ensure longevity and durability for your product. 


The quality of the finished product is affected not only by the materials and machines, but also by the people in charge of envisioning your product, manufacturing it, controlling the quality, and getting it to your doorstep.

It is only through the strong bond of designers, engineers, and managers that a company can create top-level products through custom injection molding. If the experience or the knowledge of any team member is sub-par, your product won’t meet your high expectations.

Manufacturability expertise

What are the key components of custom injection moldingDesigning a seemingly ideal product for your needs and per your requirements is one thing. However, a reputable custom injection molding company does not perceive quality design as the only important part of the process. 

In order for the product to be cost-efficient for you, the company that is making your product has to take manufacturability into consideration. The product should be manufactured quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price. 

The biggest factors that affect the manufacturability of the product are:

  • Mold design
  • Production time
  • Material selection

It is through a delicate balance of these three factors that your manufacturer assures speedy production, moderate costs, and the overall quality of the finished product. 

Process flexibility

Flexibility means that the custom injection molding company you’re working with has the know-how and the willingness to be flexible when it comes to your product. They need to be ready to implement changes at your request, and to propose additional ones that would improve your product. 


The molding machines that a custom injection molding company employs in the manufacturing process are vital for the quality of the end product. Substandard molding machines can produce substandard products, and no amount of meticulous design and careful engineering can make up for poor molding machinery.

Additionally, cutting-edge machines make manufacturing quicker, more efficient, and more precise. What’s more, modern machines allow for more complex designs of custom molds and end products, leaving you more choice when creating your product. 

Quality control

Finally, strict quality control is what separates the leading injection molding companies from the good ones. Quality control is essential for securing continual production of high-quality products. It is the final step of manufacturing,  and a crucial one.

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