In and of itself, plastic mold injection design and production enables you to reduce costs without compromising the end-product’s quality. A well-organized mold injection production process, managed and coordinated by turnkey manufacturers of custom plastic injection molds and parts can prove vital to your company’s manufacturing process sustainability. With its affordable pricing and quick production lead time, it can help your company gain and maintain a prominent position in an ever-competitive market. 

Turnkey solutions from specialized plastic mold injection companies enable you to simplify and streamline the manufacturing process, as well as save valuable resources along the way. But how exactly does this work?

What are the key assets of outsourcing to a turnkey plastic injection mold company?

Is 3D printing cheaper than moldingA streamlined injection mold process takes productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. To reap these benefits, you needn’t know the industry inside and out. But you do need to outsource the process to a specialized injection mold company and team up with industry experts capable of repeating the same process over and over again with minimum deviation and maximum precision and consistency. The key assets of these companies include:

  • Automated facility with injection molding equipment
  • Maintenance routines
  • Trained and qualified maintenance personnel
  • Personnel with experience and background in design, engineering and tooling
  • Equipment specialists and operators responsible for coordinating and managing the production process
  • Production support staff
  • Adequate space for the facility, equipment and staff members
  • Secondary processes minimized

How does a streamlined injection mold process save time?

Among the many benefits of a streamlined injection mold process is that you can save time, especially in case of a sudden large order or growth in demand. Other perks of outsourcing the molding process to a specialized company include:

  • Appropriate production capacity and resources
  • Maintenance of sufficient stock 
  • Quality assurance
  • Economies of scale
  • Just in time delivery

How long does it take to mold plastic?

The advancement in plastic molding technology has led to a considerable reduction in production times. The cycle time for injection-molded parts ranges between a few seconds and a few minutes, and it depends on several factors:

  • The size of the part,
  • The material being molded,
  • Mold design complexity,
  • Part design properties.

Set-up time, on the other hand, can range anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours.

How a streamlined mold injection process saves money?

One way in which outsourcing injection molding instead of launching your own independent injection molding process in-house can help you gain a competitive edge in the market is its money-saving potential. You will not have to invest in:

How much does it cost to mold plastic?

After the initial investment in the molds themselves, the per-part cost is extremely low, especially if you order a large quantity.  This is among the key goals of lean manufacturing.

Is 3D printing cheaper than molding?

Unlike 3D printing, the technology of plastic molding dates back to the late 19th century. Ongoing advancements in the field are making the process increasingly cost-effective and the end-products more sophisticated than ever before. Custom high-volume molding is still drastically more cost-effective than 3D printing.

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