Considering the location of your plastic injection molding partner is an important consideration that can affect many aspects of your business partnership, as well as the products you receive. Many are currently making the mistake of taking their business overseas and outsourcing their need for plastic injection molded parts and components outside of the country. However, there are numerous benefits to partnering with plastic injection molding companies from the USA.

Why partner with a plastic injection molding company in the USA?

plastic injection molding companiesChoosing to partner with one of reputable American companies to design and manufacture your plastic parts and components is a decision that could bring you and your business many advantages. Here are the biggest reasons why you should consider outsourcing your molding needs to a company in the USA:

Reduced delivery costs

Choosing to outsource your plastic injection molding within the USA means that you will not have to deal with the complicated logistics of shipping materials, products, and components from across the world. This lowers all costs associated with the delivery of completed parts. What’s more, you get to choose your preferred shipping method, fine-tuning your deliveries to your specific needs and requirements.

Faster lead times

Besides saving up on the added costs of logistics, partnering with a US-based company also significantly shortens lead times for your parts and components. This enables very agile forecast responses and allows you to enhance the speed of your sales. Shorter wait times will also boost the satisfaction of your customers and business partners. Finally, you will be able to meet quick delivery demands from your clients, boosting your profits.


Reducing your transit and delivery times brings more business to your company, but it also saves energy, making your partnerships with domestic companies more eco-friendly. Ocean shipping is among the most potent emitters of harmful greenhouse gases, and eliminating international shipping from overseas plastic injection molders lowers your carbon footprint. What’s more, modern clients prefer working with eco-aware companies.

High standards of safety and quality control

Having your plastic injection company closer to your locations also allows you to enhance the quality control of the products you receive. This, in turn, will ensure that those products meet the exact specifications and standards you require without having to go through the complicated process of sending unsuitable parts back overseas.

What’s more, domestic companies implement more stringent quality assurance procedures and safety practices when compared to most other foreign companies. This way, you know you’re not only ensuring the quality of your products, but also doing your part in making sure that all employees involved in the manufacturing process are following all the necessary health and safety protocols.

Helpful customer service

Finally, if there is a problem with your plastic products, you will be able to better and more efficiently communicate with the customer support team. There are no possible language barriers to stop you from getting your point across, and you will completely eliminate all potential for professional miscommunication.

Who are the most reputable among plastic injection molding companies in the USA?

plastic injection molding companyChoosing to outsource all your requirements for plastic injection molded parts to a company in the United States is a great first step. A reputable molder will minimize the factors that lead to part defects and apply all the most important rules for designing a high-quality plastic part. They will also pay close attention to all the different aspects that may affect the final product. However, how do you choose a company to partner with?

That’s easy – contact Wunder Mold. We are one of America’s top plastic injection molding companies. We manufacture long-lasting and reliable products according to your exact needs and specifications. Our design and manufacturing teams work in unison to provide you with the part or component you will be satisfied with. You can reach out to us at (707) 448-2349 or send an email to