While modern society wouldn’t be where it is without inventions such as computers and automobiles, these devices wouldn’t even exist without advanced manufacturing processes such as plastic injection molding. In fact, the development of plastic injection molding techniques and similar methods is what enabled modern technological devices to be invented in the first place.

Plastic injection molding manufacturers offer cost-effective, quality plastic solutions that were and still are used in a range of applications. Plastic has become one of the most widely used materials, offering a high level of durability and resistance to corrosion.

How did plastic injection molding come to be?

How did plastic injection molding come to be

The process of plastic injection molding dates back to 1872 when the first molding machine was invented and patented. Isaiah and John Hyatt were the inventors of this machine that was used to mold buttons, combs, and similar items. This marked the beginning of the plastics manufacturing industry.

The initial molding machine was based on a fairly simple mechanism. The process was improved by German scientists who managed to create less flammable solutions by developing soluble forms of cellulose acetate.

During the 1930s, a difficult period for many people across the world, the plastics industry saw immense progress. It was at this time that polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and polyolefins, some of the best-known thermoplastic materials, were invented.

How did plastic injection molding progress during WWII?

While World War II had a detrimental impact on humanity, it was also the time of industrial advancements and development. At this time, different industries such as war manufacturing, airplane production, and automotive technology marked significant demand. The plastics manufacturing industry needed to supply cost-effective, yet quality materials and components at a mass scale.

However, the aftermath of WWII also left certain industries in an unfavorable position. There was a significant shortage of a number of materials such as rubber, which is why there was an even greater demand for an affordable alternative – plastics.

Plastic injection molding and plastic materials maintained their popularity after the war and during the entire post-war industrial revolution. Since the greatest advantage of this manufacturing process has always been the cost-effective production of quality components on a large scale, it became an integral part of the modern economy.

What happened next with plastic injection molding?

What happened next with plastic injection moldingThe next advancement in the plastic injection molding process is the development of the extrusion screw injection machine. By creating this machine, James Watson Hendry, an American inventor, gained greater control over the injection process. The result? Plastic products of higher quality.

However, his next invention is what brought a significant change in the plastic injection molding industry. Namely, he included gas in this manufacturing process, which enabled him to create plastic products that were hollow, long, and complex.

Eventually, the plastics industry took over the reins from the steel industry because it was able to produce light, yet strong plastic components at a much more affordable and faster rate.

What’s in store for plastic injection molding?

In today’s society, plastic injection molding is applied in numerous industries, offering an array of benefits including cost-efficiency, resilience, and dependability. Of course, now this process incorporates technological advancements and computer processes that have enabled the production of more precise plastic molds.

The only thing left is to anticipate future advancements in plastic injection molding as this manufacturing process is here to stay.

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