Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile manufacturing process, meaning the components it produces come in all shapes, sizes, and intricacies. This makes this process very popular and widespread across many applications and industries. The parts made through partnership with a plastic injection molding company near you are strong, durable, long-lasting, and suitable for different uses, some of them more frequent than others. 

What are the common industries and applications of plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection molding has a crucial role in development and manufacturing of numerous products and components, from airplane components to consumer toys and electronics. Here are the most common applications of parts created through this process: 

Which plastic molding company near me can manufacture a component per my needsConstruction

Injection molding various construction and building components is becoming increasingly popular due to the innate versatility of plastic injection molding. There are many reasons why this method is suitable for use in construction: 

  • Very high stability of the materials used
  • Exceptional durability during elemental exposure
  • Better cost-effectiveness in comparison to wood and metal
  • Very good energy efficiency
  • Low weight of parts and components
  • A wide selection of finishes and materials

Some of the most commonly-produced elements in the construction industry include small and large accessories, fasteners, and various hand tools. 

Food industry

Parts used in the food and beverage field must follow stringent health and safety rules and regulations, such as the GMA-safe program and FDA certification. All this is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of individuals using such products. To abide by the aforementioned standards, molded parts have to be BPA-free and completely non-toxic. 

That’s why it’s important to choose the right resins and materials to produce those elements that will be used in this industry. The most commonly-manufactured parts for this industry are: 

  • Various components for processing equipment
  • Containers for beverage and food
  • Parts for filtering and dispensing beverages
  • Conveyor system components
  • Overcaps

Medical industry

Similarly to the food and beverage industry, plastic parts made for the medical and pharmaceutical field have to follow even more stringent guidelines. In order to meet those standards, manufacturers must use FDA or medical-grade resins and manufacture their components according to ISO certification. 

What’s more, components for the medical field require various chemical properties, such as high tensile strength, resistance to very high temperatures, and others. Plastic injection molding is suitable for this field of applications because the parts have: 

  • Low weight
  • High design flexibility
  • Reduced lead time and costs
  • Low patient risk

The most common parts produced with this process include testing kits, surgical preparation products, dental X-ray components, and many more. 

Point of purchase

These components have to be both decorative and functional, which means the manufacturer has to achieve the balance between aesthetics, usability, and durability. The components you can create through plastic injection molding are so varied it’s difficult to name the most common ones. Some of the frequently used parts are product stops, hooks for pegboards, shelf dividers, but also many more. 

Automotive components

Due to its innate design flexibility, but also high durability and longevity, plastic injection molded parts are very frequently used in the automotive industry. This process makes it easy to design and create various items you find in and on your car every day, such as mirror housings, cup holders, bumpers, but also entire dashboards. 

Which plastic molding company near me can manufacture a component per my needs?

What are the common industries and applications of plastic injection moldingPlastic injection molding is a process so widely used that you can find parts and components made with it in almost any environment and setting. However, this is only one of the amazing facts about plastic injection molding. This manufacturing process is so popular because it offers numerous advantages over other plastic-making methods, and these advantages will only increase with all the current and future trends in plastic injection molding

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