Numerous products available today are made from zirconia ceramics, which only illustrates the innate versatility of this material. Its properties, combined with the skills of experienced manufacturers of advanced technical ceramics, are what contributes to the widespread use of zirconia across many industries. From prosthetics to dentistry and everything else in between, this material has found its way into many specialized applications.

What are the different applications of Zirconia?

The exceptional mechanical properties of zirconia, its good temperature stability and favorable chemical inertness together with corrosion resistance have made this type of advanced ceramic highly suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The following are just some of the most frequent uses of this material:


The three most commonly used types of zirconia in dentistry are ZTA (zirconium-toughened alumina), magnesium-stabilized zirconia, and tetragonal zirconia polycrystal. The properties of these forms of zirconia allow it to serve as a material for tooth restoration due to the combination of required mechanical strength and pleasing aesthetics. The most common uses of this technical ceramic in dentistry are:

  • Posts: Zirconia posts prevent corrosive reactions in the patient’s mouth and any of the surrounding tissue, reducing pain and the potential for inflammation when compared to metal posts used prevalently until the 1990s.
  • Crowns: The durability, strength, and the visual appearance of zirconia makes this the preferred material for crowns.
  • Abutments: The versatility in the design of zirconia with wax impressions and CAD make it the perfect material for creating custom abutments according to the exact requirements of the patient.
  • Ceramic brackets: These brackets serve as restraining elements for braces wires and teeth.
  • Implants: Finally, zirconia is an excellent material for use in dental implants due to its biocompatibility and excellent chemical stability. What’s more, it’s the preferred material for enhancing gum health because it collects less calculus and plaque.


Besides dentistry, another medical application of dense zirconia involves orthopedic. Zirconia offers a wear-resistant surface with numerous mechanical benefits when compared to traditional metal alloys. Generally, ZTA is the most widely used material when it comes to zirconia and orthopedics, mainly in the following two fields:

  • Hip joint replacement
  • Knee replacement

What are the different applications of ZirconiaRefractory applications

The high thermal resistance of zirconia makes it an extremely suitable choice for a wide range of refractory purposes, such as furnaces and crucibles. What’s more, zirconium dioxide is fireproof, making it suitable for the production of armor plates and bricks. Finally, if you add zirconia to melted quartz you get a base for the production of siloxide glass which offers better mechanical properties in comparison to quartz opaque glass.


Cubic zirconia represents a visual alternative to diamonds. This material produces cuts which are similar to those of a diamond and offers an optical flawlessness that’s completely colorless to the naked eye. However, it’s worth noting that cubic zirconia only offers a visual resemblance to natural diamonds without any of the required chemical and mechanical properties.


Finally, some of the other applications of zirconia advanced ceramics include:

  • Cutting blades
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Ceramic valves
  • Grinding beads
  • Filter plates
  • Many others

Who are the most reputable manufacturers of advanced technical ceramics for me to hire?

Who are the most reputable manufacturers of advanced technical ceramics for me to hireZirconia has a very long list of favorable features and characteristics that make it suitable for use in many different specialized applications and across numerous industries. Couple that with a wide variety of different types of zirconia ceramics and the selection of parts and components you can manufacture using this material, and you get one of the most versatile and useful compounds currently available.

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